Before start with adSense,note about been kicked out

12:18 PM

Before continue to talk you about my approach to adSense business and making money in AdSense, I will take your attention on one very interesting point where many newbies fail: Trying to cheat Google. Most people hear that adSense is good online business that can generate steadly incomes, then start searching internet for sites and blogs like mine is, that give some explanation how to start this business. People then make site or blog, apply for adSense program, but when see that building adSense incomes is realy good online business but not 'get rich overnight scheme' they start looking for 'shortcuts' on how to generate $10 daily from adSense or how to generate $100 daily from adSense etc. Then probably see some of higher payed adSenser like, just for example is Shoe Money

and when see google checks with 5,6 maybe 7 figures they become gready and start looking on internet forums, for those, like I said before "short cuts." This scenario I seen many times, and this is something that will bring 101% into google adsense ban. Or in other words you will be kicked out without penny. So, before we start to learning something about adSense, take a look on Shoe Money check, and forget on it, at least for next year or two, and be prepaired to work for $1 daily, maybe for $0 daily in first weeks and maybe months, don't try to find shorter ways to increase your incomes, google isn't stupid, be serious and prepaired for hard work, and insted of googling for "adSense millionare over night", it would be much better to read AdSense FAQ for example, it would be much more useful for you and you.

Crucial to remember, and avoid adsense ban (for lifetime, when adsense ban you, you can't open new account) is to follow reputable people (bloggers) who are talking about "hard work" and similar terms, and to skip away from those who are promising fast earnings in adsense, because usualy those "fast ways to make money in adSense" will lead you to ban. There is no shortcuts in this business, incomes can really be decent, but like any other job on this planet require plan, strategy and work, work and work.


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