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 Found those excellent tips and trick on how to increase adSense money, enjoy:
1- Show Highest Paid Ads on your site by using titles,descriptions e.t.c
The best way to show high paying ads is to place those keywords in Title,Descrition and tags. When adsense start searching which ads to put in your pages it first go to title and description. Obviously don’t remove your Ranking keywords from titles but use this sign ‘ | ‘ b/w your Ranking keywords and Adsense keywords, try to keep all naturaly and readable to your readers.

2- Filter all low paid ads which is hurting your site.
Use this great tool to increase earnings massively.Go to sign up for an a.c, add your website to the list and you will receive big list of all low paying sites, Just copy all of these sites and add it to your filter these urls section adsense.

3- Get 3% + CTR to avoid smart priced by Google.
If you are getting 1 cent per ad it means you have lower CTR than 3% and your are smart priced by adsense and google is cutting 80% of every click you are earning. Learn more on about how to increase CTR and traffic.

4- Ad Locations ( which match your site best )
No matter how good your Ad is but it cannot deliver you any thing if they are not eye catchy.That’s why location is every thing.
‘ What works is wise placement, Put your ads where your content is most likely to interest and will engage your visitors.
Google’s Heat Map shows you an ” average ” sites hot spots. The darker areas are the regions where people looks most frequent. But it doesn’t mean your site would be included in this average, where viewers will look most.

5- Ad Colors and Site
Try to use same colors on your site to match ads to increase your CTR. Be selective with Site fonts, fonts sizes, fonts colors, images and tables of your site. Made your content same to your ads. But with article blue works best, I tested it on many of my sites.
6- Must use Adsense Gold Tracking tool ( add more from adsense black hat ebook )
Adsense is a very powerful tracking tool, It could be your best weapon.This robust application can do any thing from click throughs,ads clicked, ads displayed, format types directories accessed, ip address,referring domains and so much more.

7- Avoid 468 x 60 Ad banner sizes : Use rectangular banner 336 x 280
instead of 468 x 60 use rectangular 336 x 280.Using 336 x 280 is 10 times greater than 468 x 60.Because people are ad blind to this one and viewer judge it by far that it’s an ad.

8- Use Images b/w ads to increase CTR
Google said that you can place images besides your ads but:
· There is a clear cut border between the images and ads
· The images shall not be in anyway related to the ads
Always Feel free to do experiment with any image placement, but remember to add a stylish border
Another great technique you can use is to place picture of some ones face as author of book,site or article.
If you want to get banned than use images which google strictly won′t allow, Image like pointing fingers, arrows,animations of charecters and vehicles moving b/w ads or any thing like this which suggest users to pls click on ads.

9- Embed Videos with ads to Increase CTR
Use videos to increase CTR could be better for your site in comparison with images due to dramatic rise in web videos popularity. Don’t use it with smaller ads but with bigger ads with site related videos.

10- Decorate your ads
You must understand that web surfers have become very “ad-blind”. This is the reason why 468 x 60 don’t work.
look at AdSense ads, be aware
that they are in an invisible, four-sided box. So even if you blend them
with the same color as your site, frequent internet users will instinctually see a virtual square ad and avoid it like the plague.

To make this ad first made one grafix then add one table to your html file set it’s background to your image then paste your adsense ad code to it. If you are finding it difficult to do just leave message and I will do few videos for you with different ideas so you can understand.
Just play with grafix, make more nice and eye catchy ads to increase CTR.

11- Best Ad Positions for forums
Below Signatures
Place adsene ads right directly below your members signature.Remember to use 234×60 or 125×125 -button Now massive increase in CTR.
Below quick reply
Use 234×60 b/w quick reply form and post button,

B/w post button and reply button forums
Highest click buttons on any forums are Post Button and Reply button.So this is a place where you should place your ads.
Between Topics
Use Text Links b/w forums categories or topics.but only use maximum of two link units.

12- Search Engine Cloaking to target Highest Paid keywords
Cloaking is a technique which differentiate pages which spiders and user’s see.It automatically detects the IP addresses or User Agent of the visitor which is requesting the page to differentiate between user and spiders.

13- Avoid Image ads ( built to be ignored )
Try to avoid image ads and always pick text ads first, because they work best most of the times. Image ads also can be very good as well but only if advertiser posts good enough image ads which your users click. But many advertisers don’t make good image ads. So avoid it or may be keep it away from your text or article and used it under header,sidebars and footers.

14- Remove Borders from your Ads.
If you are running Fun, Entertainment or Gaming type of sites than please remove borders now, because users on those sites don’t like to click ads so try your ads looks like a part of content. But if you have money making or business site then I will suggest you to use borders, people look for offers on these sites and they won’t mind to click and look at it.

15- Never Try to play black hat with Adsense.
Never play tricks to cheat adsense, they are more smarter than you think .once you get caught you will banned for life from adsense though you still get paid what you have earned. But I bet you will miss adsense and you will never find adsense match.

16- Select Best Hosting Service
Select best web hosting and if you don’t know which host to select then go for HostGator

17- Write Good Content
Good content is a key to success. If you cannot write or provide your user the best thing they are looking for, forget about making big bucks with adsense. Good content will automatically give you more traffic,original backlinks and adsense earnings.
If you don′t know how to find and write good content about your site or blog keep reading NastyEye and you will find good help about this.

18- Use SandBox
Before you apply to AdSense, put your web pages through a ‘mocktest’
with a FREE web utility called the AdSense Sandbox at It’s a great way to
determine what type of ads your pages pull up. You can also
estimate your earnings potential from the keywords in the ads.
The AdSense Sandbox is free to use, requires no subscription and
displays results with a single click.

19- What to do with URL’s appearing on ads.
You know you can change the color of the text appearing on your ad make sure you use same color here which you do with description and it works for me.

20- Why Placing so many ads on you pages
I have seen so many sites that use there maximum allowance of Adsense ads into their pages, a few affiliate banners etc. etc. Placing too many adverts on any page does NOT mean you’re going to earn more. Only place ads to important locations. Remind no one is visiting your site for ads.

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