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Like I promised in my previous post I will continue with adsense cons, reason is very simple, if you read all, and still want to make  money in adSense, and you release that there is not quick adSense money, then you are on right place then my writing have a sense. Ok, here we go:

Fact No 1: Making money with AdSense, one of favorite so called 'make money from home' oportunities became part of new industry that I am, for now calling "around AdSense industry". Those days looks like everybody want to take part in. I was looking around net, and found hundreds of sites and blogs that offers to tech you for money or for free, to give you some advice(paying or free) to sell you "killing" e-book that will help you to make fortune  in 48 hours (actually I noticed that some gurus offering same but in 'shorter time period' , or in other words you will be rich overnight, just buy book, open adsense account and money will fall into your hands).

Fact No 2: On the other hand I done small google research using terms 'I been banned by google' or 'why my adsense account is closed' or 'can I open new adSense account, because old one is closed' , etc, what give me idea to look deeper and find some answers and found what motivate people to do stuffs that will bring them to adsense ban.

Fact No 3: I am  in adSense for last 6 years. My profits where very tight in first year, year and a half, maybe few bucks daily, then I learned, learned learned, experimented, experimented, experimented, and my money from adSense increased to $20-$25 daily, then again I leaned learned larned, experimented, experimented, experimented, invested in my knowledge, and today I have a lot of sites and blogs and I can say that my business is very close to "full time adSenser" or in other words I know what is real adSense money, but what makes me nervous is that "myth" about adsense money that AdSense money "is fast  and  easy make", because that simply is NOT TRUTH. As we can see there is one whole new industry built around adSense program, I mean on those who are preparing or teaching you to step into this program (just for few bucks). Google adSense is realy great program and can help you making money, but simply it is like ANY OTHER BUSINESS what means that you need to work be patient, inventive, honest and You will maybe succeed, in any other case you will 100% fail.

Point is, like I already said that there is whole, new one "industry" built around adSense program,and if You wish to became success part of google adsense program, you need to think different to be more "sharp minded" and wiser than others. Nobody ,even for big money, wouldn't sell you any real 'secret' of business, there are million blogers about adSense money making, but I know very few that really share something valuable with their readers, think your self if you became participant in adSense program, work hard for few years and after that, after all knowledge and experience you start to monetize in AdSense program, would you sell it for $29 or $29 000 "per copy" in some kind of e-book or similar? Why should you, it is more natural to "keep your secrets" or to be precize to keep your "adSense secrets" for yourself and make more and more money without competition on field that you discovered.

I will share some (I hope) really useful knowledge on how to make money in adSense but don't except to give you all, actually many other didn't give you anything but they are taking you something, so point is that in this blogging about adSense I will try to learn you to became successful in adSense but also to be successful in "using your own head" in any other job, to lean you how to because unique, how to think smarter than other how to see a bit of future.

So please, continue, like I told You in my second post, to research network for what other can give you in this field and then to came back here, because that is the best way to find value of that what I am giving to You. We'll see again tomorrow! And I am glad that you still here, so there is some chance to learn together something about adSense and make some money.

AdSense cons, we will talk later about pros

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I decided to give you some more time to think about my previous post. To be honest, that is because I done small research and found very interesting results about number of banned users from google adSense and off course most of them are those who not even started jet, or in other words those who didn't received first minimum $100 check from google.
So why I post this insted on first steps on making adsense money? Well, to teach you to be PATIENT! That is what you need on first place to succed in any business, especialy in AdSense money making. So for now remember trainyou to be patient and honest of course, you can maybe trick a guy on the next corner who is seling some bannas, or your car mechanic if you are some 'smart guy' but please believe me you can't cheat big G.

Best You CAN do, is to understand that this "game of making money with adsense" is about patience and hard work. There is no overnight huge money or something similar. There are webmasters or bloggers who are making more than $10-20.000 monthly, but what they done is huge plan and working on that plan for more than 1 or 2 years. That is right way that You need to follow when it comes to decision to start with google AdSense business. So, general what people see like cons of google adsense is time thta you need to spend working on your sites to start making money. I don't think personaly that this is consequence, it is actualy like any other job, you need to put some efforts and time to reach reasults which in this case is money made with adsense.

In next post I will give you more details from my research to enocourage you to listen me and follow me on your way to adsense money and not o trust to those selfcaled "adsense money wizards" because they are playing on your gready , they told you that what you are like to hear to are leading you to banning from google program.

P.S. Almost forgot: image on the top is "the last mail from google" that people receives if decide to follow shortcuts in AdSense program trying to make adSense money in shorter time period than "natural"...

Before start with adSense,note about been kicked out

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Before continue to talk you about my approach to adSense business and making money in AdSense, I will take your attention on one very interesting point where many newbies fail: Trying to cheat Google. Most people hear that adSense is good online business that can generate steadly incomes, then start searching internet for sites and blogs like mine is, that give some explanation how to start this business. People then make site or blog, apply for adSense program, but when see that building adSense incomes is realy good online business but not 'get rich overnight scheme' they start looking for 'shortcuts' on how to generate $10 daily from adSense or how to generate $100 daily from adSense etc. Then probably see some of higher payed adSenser like, just for example is Shoe Money

and when see google checks with 5,6 maybe 7 figures they become gready and start looking on internet forums, for those, like I said before "short cuts." This scenario I seen many times, and this is something that will bring 101% into google adsense ban. Or in other words you will be kicked out without penny. So, before we start to learning something about adSense, take a look on Shoe Money check, and forget on it, at least for next year or two, and be prepaired to work for $1 daily, maybe for $0 daily in first weeks and maybe months, don't try to find shorter ways to increase your incomes, google isn't stupid, be serious and prepaired for hard work, and insted of googling for "adSense millionare over night", it would be much better to read AdSense FAQ for example, it would be much more useful for you and you.

Crucial to remember, and avoid adsense ban (for lifetime, when adsense ban you, you can't open new account) is to follow reputable people (bloggers) who are talking about "hard work" and similar terms, and to skip away from those who are promising fast earnings in adsense, because usualy those "fast ways to make money in adSense" will lead you to ban. There is no shortcuts in this business, incomes can really be decent, but like any other job on this planet require plan, strategy and work, work and work.

Others make a lot of money in AdSense, can You?

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You probably hear about famous google adSense program? Google adSense program is chance for all of you to start making some easy online money.How? Well, you can read about this all around net, but I will try to give you differnt aproach. So, to be honest, you will find on many sites and blogs this what I said here "everybody can make money" with adSense, but is that realy true? I am for longt time in this business and my opinion that theoreticaly it is tru, but when you look in real facts, actualy one of 10 or 1 of 20 people who try to do something in this field will succed and make in adSense good source of income, what means that realy can live from adSense, or at least partial, which means that can make at least part of sum of monthly incomes in adSense,and other 19 that I mentioned will probably fail in reaching this goal. So what is the point what makes difference between this 'the 1' that will be good adSenser and resto of those 19? I will try to answer on this question using all my expirience. I am not trying to sell you anything, I will just share my expirience, opinions, techincques, and I hope that I will help somone to became good "adSenser"and to learn all adSense cons and pros with various tips on how to improve your adSense earnings and keep them growing. Since this is my first post, and i will try to post at least few times weekly, maybe if I see that enoght people comming here, maybe will post daily, but in any case, i would like to give you small homework: look around on another numerous sites and blogs that writing about making money in adsense read as much as it is posible, and when you have some base 'image' in your head, come back here. I want on clear examples to show you what I mean when I say 'different aproach then else' that teaching you how to make money in adSense,and because of that it is realy important for me to point you on reading how other blogers and people who sharing their expiriences in google AdSense program, because then you find esence of my diferent aproach to adSense, and making earnings on this way. Decent wearning. Of course I mean only on so called white hat techniques, which means techinques and aproach that is 101% legal. So pease go around net, read what other says and come back here to read my second part. I will try to splt whole story in 10-15 pieces,step-by-step ,explaining every part and aspect as good as I can. So at the end of this post, I hope that will teach you something new about adSense and they you will use tht knowledge for creating good site or blog which will threw adsense make you some decent money.

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