AdSense cons, we will talk later about pros

12:01 PM

I decided to give you some more time to think about my previous post. To be honest, that is because I done small research and found very interesting results about number of banned users from google adSense and off course most of them are those who not even started jet, or in other words those who didn't received first minimum $100 check from google.
So why I post this insted on first steps on making adsense money? Well, to teach you to be PATIENT! That is what you need on first place to succed in any business, especialy in AdSense money making. So for now remember trainyou to be patient and honest of course, you can maybe trick a guy on the next corner who is seling some bannas, or your car mechanic if you are some 'smart guy' but please believe me you can't cheat big G.

Best You CAN do, is to understand that this "game of making money with adsense" is about patience and hard work. There is no overnight huge money or something similar. There are webmasters or bloggers who are making more than $10-20.000 monthly, but what they done is huge plan and working on that plan for more than 1 or 2 years. That is right way that You need to follow when it comes to decision to start with google AdSense business. So, general what people see like cons of google adsense is time thta you need to spend working on your sites to start making money. I don't think personaly that this is consequence, it is actualy like any other job, you need to put some efforts and time to reach reasults which in this case is money made with adsense.

In next post I will give you more details from my research to enocourage you to listen me and follow me on your way to adsense money and not o trust to those selfcaled "adsense money wizards" because they are playing on your gready , they told you that what you are like to hear to are leading you to banning from google program.

P.S. Almost forgot: image on the top is "the last mail from google" that people receives if decide to follow shortcuts in AdSense program trying to make adSense money in shorter time period than "natural"...


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